Can’t make it to Bill Norris Oval, but don’t want to miss the action? Catch the daily livestream of games on Field 1, powered by PacificAus Sports.

Livestream not working? Please visit the Queensland Pacific Island Cultural Carnival Facebook page.

Day 1 Livestream

3pm – Acknowledgement of Country
3pm Under 14 Boys – Maori v Fiji
4pm Under 14 Girls – Samoa v Cook Islands
5pm Under 16 Girls – PNG v Maori
6pm Opening Ceremony
7.15pm Under 18 Boys – Niue v Samoa
8.15pm Under 14 Girls – Cook Islands v PEGA Tonga Invitational

Opening Ceremony schedulue

6pm – Opening prayer
6.05pm – Acknowledgement of Country
6.10pm – Guest speakers
6.25pm – Nation introduction and performances


Day 2 Livestream

* updated Day 2 schedule

8.30am Open Women – Māori v Niue
9.30am Under 14 – Boys PEGA Tonga Invitational v Māori 
10.30am Under 18 Girls – Samoa v PNG
11.30am Under 16 Boys – Cook Islands v Fiji
12.30pm Under 16 Girls – Cook Islands v PNG
1.30pm Open Men – Māori v Fiji
2.30pm Under 18 Boys – Māori v Niue
3.30pm Under 14 Boys – Niue v Fiji
4.30pm Under 16 Girls – Samoa v Māori
5.30pm Open Men – PNG v Samoa


Day 3 Livestream

8am Under 14 Girls – PNG v PEGA Tonga Invitational
9am Under 18 Boys – Cook Islands v Niue
10am Open Women – Niue v PNG
11am Open Men – Fiji v Niue
12 noon Under 16 Girls grand final – Samoa v Māori
1pm Under 18 Girls grand final – Samoa v Māori
2pm Under 16 Boys grand final- Samoa v PEGA Tonga Invitational
3pm Under 18 Boys grand final – Samoa v PNG
4pm Open Women’s grand final – Māori v Samoa
5.30pm Open Men grand final – PNG v Samoa